Wednesday morning was a really spectacular sunrise.  The mountains were coated in 12-14″ of new snow and there was a short window of bright sun.


March 26 was a good snow and a nice sunrise also.  Luckily, the snow melts really fast this time of year!




Some highlights from 2012.  The Boulder fire was one of the more exciting moments, luckily the fire was mostly contained and didn’t cause too much damage.


Fast clouds

Snowy Winter Day

Moon on Bear Peak

Barn Raising

Four Seasons in one day

Cloud deck

High Winds


Fire a few days later

Cold Front July

Floor of second barn

Red moon set

Cool clouds 

Solstice clearing

Welcome 2013


I’ve recently found a home for a couple of webcams I found on eBay.  The best is this view from Superior to the northwest.   The cam may not be in a permanent home but for now it provides a nice view of the flatirons up to Long’s peak.  Thanks to Aweida Venture Partners for the terrific view.

For the past week or so the circuit to the webcam has been shorted out. It may have been from the heavy rains a couple weeks ago. The homeowner is back in town on Monday and we hope to get the circuit fixed shortly. Thanks to those of you who have asked what’s wrong with the camera.

A new home is being built to the left of the webcam image field of view.  The blue shipping container and other debris seen in the image are there to support the construction project.  The home is coming along slowly but may be finished this year.   The panorama below is the 180 degree view from the webcam location.  If Stardot or another webcam manufacturer came up with a wide angle hd webcam we would be able to get a lot more of the front range in the view.

Some cool images of the setting moon over Boulder from last week.  Check out the archives.

Jan 10th still image

Jan 10th time lapse of the moon set

Timelapse of the moon set on Jan 12th

The daily time lapse movie is operational once again.   From May 26th to Dec 25th it was not working correctly.  Since the images are available for those dates at some point I hope to generate movies for all those dates.   At some point I would also love to change the movie format to non-flash so it’s compatible with more devices.

Here’s the time lapse from today

Leave a comment if you like the videos or would like to see something changed.

The camera is down for maintenance after it stopped responding a few days ago. Hopefully, the fix will be quick!

Update:  The camera seems to be working on another network.  I’ll get it back in place tomorrow and troubleshoot the network.

Update: 6/8:  Cleaned the camera and got the network troubles resolved.  The smudges in the picture must be dust on the actual camera sensor.  I didn’t take the lens off.  Maybe next time I have it down.   Happy viewing!

Scott is going to make a change tomorrow to point the webcam to the north so can get live views of the fourmile fire west of Boulder.   Let’s hope the wind calms down tonight and the fire fighters can get things under control tomorrow.  Add a comment if there’s anything we can do to help the evacuated residents.

It looks like the only webcam I know of up in fourmile may have lost power during the fire.

Today’s timelapse catches a bit of the smoke in the afternoon.

From Fairview High School in Boulder.

Beautiful weather this morning in Boulder as a storm moved through then the sun came out.  Looking east from Boulder was better but the webcam view to the west has some nice shots today.

This wave of snow in the early afternoon was pretty cool.   The time lapse was also good today but it seems a little choppy. It didn’t capture the interesting weather today as well as I’d hoped.