3 comments on “New Superior Cam
  1. Mari says:

    I’ve been checking this webcam from work for about 3-4 yrs now. I’m from Rochester, NY and I absolutely love visiting Denver and Boulder. I find it really calming to see ‘my’ mountains.


  2. Don Oberbeck says:

    I love the larger web cam shot!
    Congratulations on improving the first website I check every morning, and on the second cam with the wide angle view of the Font Range.

  3. PiedType says:

    I’ve been checking your webcam daily (often several times) since I first found it some years ago. It shows my favorite of all places, the Front Range from the Flatirons north. It includes Sugarloaf, where my brother lives (I’m in Thornton), and Boulder Canyon, my usual route into the mountains. Thank you so much for maintaining this camera. I couldn’t afford a mountain view when I moved here (still can’t), so yours is mine.