Marshall Fire Update

The Marshall fire on Dec 30th devastated the communities of Louisville and Superior. This is our community and we’re thankful most people are physically safe. The rebuilding process will be difficult and I know our community will build back stronger.

Power was out mid-day in Boulder

It’s heartbreaking to watch the fire advance through Superior on the camera. It looks like the office building has survived so at some point the Superior cam will be back.

Superior December 30, 2021
Discovery Drive Superior – thanks to 9news for the image
The last image from Superior with fires burning

The Louisville camera went offline early in the morning on the 30th due to the winds that were bad even at that early. The fire was just west of the barn visible in the image and luckily the host site was spared. We should be able to get the camera up and running again at some point.

The day before
Louisville location in red.