2012 Interesting Images


Some highlights from 2012.  The Boulder fire was one of the more exciting moments, luckily the fire was mostly contained and didn’t cause too much damage.


Fast clouds

Snowy Winter Day

Moon on Bear Peak

Barn Raising

Four Seasons in one day

Cloud deck

High Winds


Fire a few days later

Cold Front July

Floor of second barn

Red moon set

Cool clouds 

Solstice clearing

Welcome 2013


One comment on “2012 Interesting Images
  1. Cathy Carroll says:

    Just wanted to say how much I am enjoying your new webcams! It is nice to see such large images and from different view points. I live in Virginia at the present time but am planning to move to the Boulder area in a few years and this keeps me happy until I can get there! I lived in Lafayette and Broomfield off and on for a few years and I always walked the Davidson Mesa trail and so I remember the views. Thanks again!!