The forecast is for massive amounts of snow overnight in Boulder. The ski snow stake cams inspired me to set up a South Boulder snow stake for fun. Check back for snow totals!

Update: The snow stake project is done. I created a time lapse using, a cool webcam service. The light had an auto-shutoff between 2-6am, sorry for the darkness.

I’ve been working on the setup of a new streaming cam in downtown Boulder. It’s up and running but the mounting stand is too low and it’s too near the AC units which are vibrating the roof. Those problems should be fixed in the next week. I’m testing some streaming options for how to make the video available on the site.

There’s a discussion on Reddit if anyone has feedback/input.

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You can see Flagstaff mountain from all three of the BFC cams.  It’s one of my favorite rides with great views, a good workout and lots of fun descending.  Last fall I recorded the ride for Fulgaz, a unique virtual cycling training app.  I love riding all over the world with Fulgaz virtual rides and really wanted to try some local rides.  Fulgaz is a long way from my younger days watching recordings of the Tour de France while riding a wind resistance trainer, now you can ride the climbs in the tour.

The Super Flag ride is up now on Fulgaz, you can see a preview here.  There’s a two week free trial, so if you’re used to riding Flagstaff give it a try and compare it to real life.  Fulgaz has lots of info for how you get started, it’s a great app.  There are more Boulder county and Colorado rides in the pipeline.

Update: Mike at Fulgaz added a couple other rides in Colorado. Sunshine canyon in Boulder and Spring Creek pass in southwest Colorado.

With the pretty fall sunsets recently I was missing the time-lapse and archive feature.  It’s been down since moving to the new server for some technical reasons.  I’ve focused on figuring out this function and getting things going again over the last few weeks and I’m please to share that it’s working again for the Louisville and Superior cams.

Hopefully, I can implement it on the Boulder Cam in the near future.   The Digital Ocean server has been doing great and with the combination of Cloudflare, it’s kept the operating costs manageable.  Check out this stat from Cloudflare

You may have noticed the Boulder cam has not been updating for a couple weeks.  The main problem has been a result of depending on network access from a construction cam co-located on the roof.  That cam was shut down with completion of the building across the street and unexpectedly the network switch also stopped working.   I have several alternatives set up and have to get on the roof sometime this week or next.  I expect we should have a good long-term solution up and running again by early December.

The timelapse feature was recently re-enabled for the Superior and Louisville cameras.  The move to new hosting has been challenging and expensive.  The camera images have a high number of requests daily and that eats up a lot of bandwidth. I’m using the Cloudflare CDN and will be working on caching techniques to reduce the cost of hosting this site.  

If anyone would like to donate to keep the cameras running or volunteer to provide Linux admin services, I’d love the help!

All three of the cams have been down over the past two days, this is pretty unusual.  The Superior cam had a hardware failure and needs to be sent in for work.  The Louisville cam lost network access and had to be restarted.  And tonight the intense storm that rolled through Boulder knocked the downtown Boulder cam offline.  I think there was a power outage downtown so hopefully the cam will come back up with the Galvanize network and power.  I’ll be out of town a few days so I hope that’s the case!

The Louisville timelapse from April 3rd is a nice example of spring in Colorado.  We had 4-5 inches of snow overnight and by afternoon it was almost gone.

Using the year ago filter you can see it was almost a repeat of the previous year.

Date filters




The Ned Cam was a great resource to get a current view of Nederland.  It seems that cam has been shut down and there’s new ownership of the NedNet ISP, so it seems unlikely to come back.  If anyone knows the owner of the nedcam, please drop me a line.

I’d like to put up a cam in Nederland with a nice view of Eldora and the Indian Peaks.  Does anyone know of a good location or host?  The site needs to have power and internet service and be willing to provide occasional access to the camera.

It would be a great opportunity for a business to sponsor the cam.

Please pass along any leads to info at  or reply to this post.


Hi Boulder Flatiron Cam friends and followers.  The updated site design was launched today with lots of afternoon showers for your viewing pleasure.  The downtown Boulder cam at Galvanize is also live with the new site layout.   If anyone has feedback about the new layout please comment or send us an email to info at

Some highlights of the new layout.

  • The home page images are smaller so more cams can be added as we find locations.   If you have a good view with internet service, drop us a line.
  • Full size images are now on dedicated pages for each camera.
  • On each cam page the timelapse and archives are easier to access and select different dates
  • The live images on all pages now auto update ever 30 seconds.  You can leave the cam up and watch the changing weather.
  • Archive images are now displayed in a gallery format where it’s easy to access the images and scroll through images from each day.
  • Other Boulder cams page is a short list of cams located in Boulder County, but not affiliated with this site.
  • Please give us a like or share if you like the new design!

New site screenshot