Scott is going to make a change tomorrow to point the webcam to the north so can get live views of the fourmile fire west of Boulder.   Let’s hope the wind calms down tonight and the fire fighters can get things under control tomorrow.  Add a comment if there’s anything we can do to help the evacuated residents.

It looks like the only webcam I know of up in fourmile may have lost power during the fire.

Today’s timelapse catches a bit of the smoke in the afternoon.

From Fairview High School in Boulder.

Beautiful weather this morning in Boulder as a storm moved through then the sun came out.  Looking east from Boulder was better but the webcam view to the west has some nice shots today.

This wave of snow in the early afternoon was pretty cool.   The time lapse was also good today but it seems a little choppy. It didn’t capture the interesting weather today as well as I’d hoped.

So far this month the small preview image of the BFC has 37 Million requests.  I had no idea it was getting so many visits.  What is this Mozilla Agent on the Mac?  Dashboard widget?

Love the motion of the clouds. Five minute updates just don’t have the same liquid quality.

Another Cloud Reel … from Delrious on Vimeo.

More highlights from 2009

Typical Summer Day – July 1

Another nice summer day – July 23

Hot Air Balloon

Mowing the grass

Building a fence

Pink morning clouds Aug 15th

Boiling Clouds

Setting moon

Windy end of September

Winter comes in October

Snowy Dec Morning

Active clouds and nice sunset

An interesting fog bank rolled in for a while in the morning on the 7th.

Video and Archive

The time lapse and archive has been going for a little over a year now.  Some highlights from the first half of 2009.  Who can find the day with the hot air balloon?

I finished updating the images for Oct 19th to Dec 29th last night.  What a pain!  Some days are missing due to problems with the old image capture code.   Hopefully, this will be the last time as we’ve also finished some changes to improve the code.  The site will now capture images every five minutes throughout the day and at the end of the day automatically get the daily video about 35 minutes after sunset.   Once everything is smoothed out with this project next up is an update the site design and adding back the large images.  The last designers made everything fit a smaller screen but that doesn’t really give the full effect.   You can see the full size image here.

cold December

You may have noticed the image was stuck for the last week. We had a problem with the wireless network that prevented the cam from sending images. I got back to town and put in new hardware and hopefully we should be back in action.

The time lapse captures a nice moon set over the flatirons on September 5th.  Click here for the video or here for the archive images.