The automated cron job is still not working on the new server.  So I’ve copied over all the archives and time lapse for the last ten days.  Lots of cloudy weather for Boulder.

The archive and time lapse history for the 12th through the 20th of May has been updated.  I’ve been busy with work and haven’t been able to get the automated cron running on the new server.  There’s some sort of path issue.   If anyone is dying to see the current day archive and time lapse just drop me a line as it’s running on another server.

Still working to recover from camera network issues and major hosting problems.

  • Camera network connection fixed – 5/2
  • Moved site off Dreamhost – very poor experience there
  • Copied image archives and videos to new host
  • Re-enabled cron jobs that update images

Still to go:

  • Get the script that collects images working on the new host
  • Find a way to generate the time lapse on the new host.