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Interesting images or timelapse from the webcams

Winter to Spring in a day

The Louisville timelapse from April 3rd is a nice example of spring in Colorado.  We had 4-5 inches of snow overnight and by afternoon it was almost gone. Using the year ago filter you can see it was almost

End of July – classic summer sunset in Boulder

  Lots of monsoon moisture the past few weeks in Boulder!  We even saw a flash flood warning today.  I caught this nice sunset from July 31st, ending the great summer month of July.  A few of the other photos

Awesome lightning storm

  I’m a bit behind on this post, but back in late June there was a tremendous lighting storm over Boulder and Louisville in the evening.  So much lighting that even with the 30 second refresh rate I was able

Spectacular snowy sunrise in April!

Wednesday morning was a really spectacular sunrise.  The mountains were coated in 12-14″ of new snow and there was a short window of bright sun. March 26 was a good snow and a nice sunrise also.  Luckily, the snow melts really

2012 Interesting Images

Some highlights from 2012.  The Boulder fire was one of the more exciting moments, luckily the fire was mostly contained and didn’t cause too much damage. Moonset Fast clouds Snowy Winter Day Moon on Bear Peak Barn Raising Four Seasons

Waves of snow

Beautiful weather this morning in Boulder as a storm moved through then the sun came out.  Looking east from Boulder was better but the webcam view to the west has some nice shots today. This wave of snow in the

Second Half Highlights 2009

More highlights from 2009 Typical Summer Day – July 1 Another nice summer day – July 23 Hot Air Balloon Mowing the grass Building a fence Pink morning clouds Aug 15th Boiling Clouds Setting moon Windy end of September Winter

Fog bank – Jan 7

An interesting fog bank rolled in for a while in the morning on the 7th. Video and Archive

Oct-Dec Images Updated and cron update

I finished updating the images for Oct 19th to Dec 29th last night.  What a pain!  Some days are missing due to problems with the old image capture code.   Hopefully, this will be the last time as we’ve also

Setting Moon Sep 5th

The time lapse captures a nice moon set over the flatirons on September 5th.  Click here for the video or here for the archive images.