Spectacular snowy sunrise in April!

Wednesday morning was a really spectacular sunrise.  The mountains were coated in 12-14″ of new snow and there was a short window of bright sun.


March 26 was a good snow and a nice sunrise also.  Luckily, the snow melts really fast this time of year!



4 comments on “Spectacular snowy sunrise in April!
  1. PiedType says:

    Gorgeous! I must have slept through this.

    I visit your webcam almost every day. It’s the mountain view I can’t afford to buy for myself. Thanks for making it available.

    • bfcadmin says:

      I run the site but “borrow” the view from a doctor who lives on the hill. He’s been a terrific supporter of the project and I think a lot of people enjoy the view from his upstairs deck!

  2. Betsy says:

    I love your webcam…my son is in school in Boulder, and being able to check the view each day makes me feel a little closer to him. No mountains back here in Boston (but we do have the Red Sox!). Thanks for making this amazing view available to us.

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