The Louisville timelapse from April 3rd is a nice example of spring in Colorado.  We had 4-5 inches of snow overnight and by afternoon it was almost gone.

Using the year ago filter you can see it was almost a repeat of the previous year.

Date filters




The Ned Cam was a great resource to get a current view of Nederland.  It seems that cam has been shut down and there’s new ownership of the NedNet ISP, so it seems unlikely to come back.  If anyone knows the owner of the nedcam, please drop me a line.

I’d like to put up a cam in Nederland with a nice view of Eldora and the Indian Peaks.  Does anyone know of a good location or host?  The site needs to have power and internet service and be willing to provide occasional access to the camera.

It would be a great opportunity for a business to sponsor the cam.

Please pass along any leads to info at  or reply to this post.


Hi Boulder Flatiron Cam friends and followers.  The updated site design was launched today with lots of afternoon showers for your viewing pleasure.  The downtown Boulder cam at Galvanize is also live with the new site layout.   If anyone has feedback about the new layout please comment or send us an email to info at

Some highlights of the new layout.

  • The home page images are smaller so more cams can be added as we find locations.   If you have a good view with internet service, drop us a line.
  • Full size images are now on dedicated pages for each camera.
  • On each cam page the timelapse and archives are easier to access and select different dates
  • The live images on all pages now auto update ever 30 seconds.  You can leave the cam up and watch the changing weather.
  • Archive images are now displayed in a gallery format where it’s easy to access the images and scroll through images from each day.
  • Other Boulder cams page is a short list of cams located in Boulder County, but not affiliated with this site.
  • Please give us a like or share if you like the new design!

New site screenshot

In the next few days we’ll be launching an updated site design.  You can review here at the /blog link from the current site.  The new site has auto-updating images so you can leave the site up and watch the weather change through the day.  It also launches the new downtown Boulder cam located at Galvanize and supported by

Access to the cam archives and timelapse for each camera should be improved.  You can easily click through the archive gallery now and the calendar selector should make it easier to go back to view days in the past.

I’d love to hear feedback on the new layout or other ideas for the site.  If anyone has a good location around Boulder county I’m interested in setting up more live cams.

The old wireless bridge for the boulder flatiron cam failed again.  We installed a new Apple Airport Express today and things seem to be humming along now.

The new downtown Boulder cam has been having issues with the heat.  It has to be sent back the manufacturer again to have the image processing board replaced.  I hope to have it back by later next week.


I’ve been working with the great team at the Galvanize west Pearl location and the West End Plaza building in Boulder to set up a new view of Boulder.  Joel from has also helped support launching the new cam.

boulder cam

Installation was not easy as we had to coordinate getting ethernet and power on the roof, fabricate a mount that did not penetrate the roof, get the camera set up and focused (still an issue) and then had to replace the camera hardware.  The cam will be added to the Boulder Flatiron cam site with timelapse but for now the image is available on this post.   Enjoy the new view!


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The host of the original Boulder Flatiron cam in Louisville has recently rebuilt his home network.   The camera had been working fine but for some reason on Friday it stopped sending images.  It looks like this may take a visit to troubleshoot.

We’re close to launching a new cam in downtown Boulder.  It’s a nice change of perspective compared to the current cams in Louisville and Superior.   Here’s a preview of the new image.


The camera survived the endless rain of early September but has suffered some network issues in October. The cam is running on a new wireless bridge to the main wifi network. I’m still trying to diagnose why the picture seems to stop for periods every so often. Hopefully we can get it cleared up soon, but it’s working most of the time for now.

My youngest son and I got a self portrait and some shots of the new home while working on the cam one day.










A lot of people have written asking about the barns that have appeared in the webcam view.  The barns are part of a new home being built to the southwest of the webcam view.  The property has been under development for several years.  Back in 2009, a new fence was being built on the north side of the property.  The barns stand in a field that was once caught being mowed on the timelapse.   The property has been under construction since the first days of the Boulder Flatiron Cam, as seen with the construction container from early 2009.


Barns going up in April of 2013, the view won’t be the same but they are nice buildings.



Lots of monsoon moisture the past few weeks in Boulder!  We even saw a flash flood warning today.  I caught this nice sunset from July 31st, ending the great summer month of July.  A few of the other photos in the archive are also very nice.