Site Design Update

In the next few days we’ll be launching an updated site design.  You can review here at the /blog link from the current site.  The new site has auto-updating images so you can leave the site up and watch the weather change through the day.  It also launches the new downtown Boulder cam located at Galvanize and supported by

Access to the cam archives and timelapse for each camera should be improved.  You can easily click through the archive gallery now and the calendar selector should make it easier to go back to view days in the past.

I’d love to hear feedback on the new layout or other ideas for the site.  If anyone has a good location around Boulder county I’m interested in setting up more live cams.

3 comments on “Site Design Update
  1. chris matheson says:

    I just sent a comment – it doesn’t look like it went through. 🙁 I very much appreciate the Boulder-Flatiron webcam – and thank you so much for keeping it running – and for the new upgrades.

    chris m Pismo Beach, CA

  2. chris matheson says:

    well – guess it was my fault – I didn’t do it right – modern technology.
    What I wanted to say was I have been looking at the Boulder-Flatiron webcam for many years – since before the barns were built – when the foreground was just a vacant field.
    I look at the webcam several times every day – my son works in Boulder and I like to see what the weather is like. But I also have liked watching the building of the barns and all the activity since that began – I even saw a man come one Saturday with a pretty good sized fir tree – and watched them unwrap it and plant it – it’s the fluffy one to the left of the barn along the driveway (I watched them pour the driveway too.) I have seen it when it is raining – and when there is new snow – and now the trees are starting to change – and in a month or so they will be bare. AND in the last week I think I have seen a HORSE! He’s dark brown – he was on the left side of the farther barn – I saw him on 2 different days – then the frame changed, and he was gone – nowhere to be seen! A mystery! All this to say I really enjoy the webcam – and look forward every day to see what kind of day it is – and what is going on in the picture. Thank you so much for this webcam!!

    chris m Pismo Beach, CA

  3. chris matheson says:

    I LOVE THIS WEBCAM! Today the “horse mystery” is solved! I just happened to check the webcam earlier this afternoon – looked like it was pouring rain – and, lo – there under the overhang on the left side of the far barn – was the dark brown horse!! Came under cover out of the rain. I magnified the picture , and – it’s a horse for sure! I saved the picture so my husband could look at it – he says it’s a horse for sure. HOW MUCH FUN! When they were building the barns I couldn’t wait to see them bring in the horses – but when the barns were finished it looked like an Electric Company was working out of the property. Now they’ve been gone awhile – and now there’s a horse – just as I had hoped. I think he spends most of his time on the far side of the barns out of sight – I have looked for him in the fenced field, but have not seen him out there. I thought I was imagining him because I would see him in one frame and the next frame he would be gone. Now I am glad to know he is not a figment of my imagination. : )