New site launched

Hi Boulder Flatiron Cam friends and followers.  The updated site design was launched today with lots of afternoon showers for your viewing pleasure.  The downtown Boulder cam at Galvanize is also live with the new site layout.   If anyone has feedback about the new layout please comment or send us an email to info at

Some highlights of the new layout.

  • The home page images are smaller so more cams can be added as we find locations.   If you have a good view with internet service, drop us a line.
  • Full size images are now on dedicated pages for each camera.
  • On each cam page the timelapse and archives are easier to access and select different dates
  • The live images on all pages now auto update ever 30 seconds.  You can leave the cam up and watch the changing weather.
  • Archive images are now displayed in a gallery format where it’s easy to access the images and scroll through images from each day.
  • Other Boulder cams page is a short list of cams located in Boulder County, but not affiliated with this site.
  • Please give us a like or share if you like the new design!

New site screenshot

17 comments on “New site launched
  1. chris matheson says:

    Hi Just looking at the BoulderFlatiron webcam – glad you kept the same view. πŸ™‚ Something I noticed – tried to look back to yesterday, and last year pics – what I got was the same pic for today – Aug 31 2014 – current time. Also – used to be able to look at an archive of pics from the previous hours – in a grid of 6 or 12 pics that you could look at one at a time to see what happened earlier in the day – or even the day before – hour by hour – I don’t see that now. And the current temp used to be displayed under the picture – don’t see it now. Not complaining – lucky to have the webcam – but you asked for comments. On a non-technical note – the dark brown horse I thought I was seeing is not a horse at all – but an Alpaca. Now that I’ve seen him several times at different angles and see his big ears and long neck – he is clearly not a horse πŸ™ Thank you for all the work you are putting into these webcams. chris m Pismo beach, CA

  2. chris matheson says:

    Would be neat to have a webcam in downtown Boulder with a view of a downtown street – where you could see foot traffic going by – something interesting to watch. πŸ™‚

  3. chris matheson says:

    I just “found” the archive pics – below the main current webcam pic – REALLY NEAT!! You were right – MUCH EASIER to go through the pics! I LOVE IT!! and going back through pics of the day is something I do quite a bit to see what I missed. Also – am I dreaming – or is the quality of the pic better – sharper/clearer? I just looked at a night shot of the Louisville cam – the one I have looked at for years – including at night. The lights appear brighter and sharper – and I see quite a few stars – don’t remember the night pics with the lights so bright and sharp or being able to see so many stars. Can’t wait to catch a moon shot! πŸ™‚

  4. chris matheson says:

    . . . . and the fast forward time lapse pics are REALLY GREAT!!! Neat to see the whole day at a glance. How much fun! THANK YOU! GOOD JOB!! πŸ™‚

  5. chris matheson says:

    . . . . one more – just went back to Sept 1 2013 – looked at the time lapse and the archive pics – HOW NEAT!!! I am in awe of this website!!

  6. bfcadmin says:

    I’m glad you found the archive and timelapse, it sounds like it still needs to be easier to figure out. The live images are so big they take up the whole screen on most laptops, so it’s hard to show something further down the page.

  7. chris matheson says:

    The temperature is up and running!! Even the high and low!! I LOVE THE NEW WEBCAM SETUP!!! It is definitely “New and Improved”!! πŸ™‚

  8. chris matheson says:

    I sent a reply by email, but maybe I’m supposed to do it this way – I like the big live pic – makes it easier to see things. I originally didn’t see the archives on my iPAD – found them on my big MAC – but now that I know they are there I find them on my iPAD too.
    LOVE the new Archive pics! Much easier to look at the pics – love it that you can make them bigger – and that you can move from pic to pic while they are big – the whole layout is GREAT!!

  9. Steve says:

    Awesome! Love the different views. Thanks!

  10. chris matheson says:

    New Alpaca in the Web pic today. πŸ™‚ That’s 2. Watching the leaves starting to turn – waiting to tune in one morning and find snow on the ground. The tiny bit last week didn’t show up. Love this Webcam. πŸ™‚

    chris shell beach, ca (pismo beach)

  11. Eric B says:

    I noticed on the Louisville timelapse today that you can see the llamas wondering around the barn throughout the day. Scrolling through the archive would also help you catch one.

  12. chris shell beach, ca says:

    πŸ™‚ not as fun as watching the llamas – but the Superior webcam is very beautiful to look at – picture is really sharp and clear. Neat.

  13. chris shell beach, ca says:

    fun playing with the Archives – much, much improved over the old one – very user friendly – easy to navigate – like the increased (doubled?) number of pics per page.

  14. chris shell beach, ca says:

    Looked at the Boulder webcam just now – very beautiful sky! Haven’t looked at it in awhile – glad the crane is gone – much much prettier. All 3 cams are great! nice clear picture – and beautiful views. Enjoying the Fall colors – and watching the temperature dropping. thanks!

  15. Don B says:

    Bravo! For restoring the Superior cam view today (2/24/15). I love that panoramic view with the Flatirons. New view with farmhouses in foreground is nice, but the big wide-angle view is unbeatable. Hope it’ll stay up. Thanks for a great service.
    Don (newly relocated to Calif.)

  16. bfcadmin says:

    Thanks Don!
    Someone had moved the camera during the snowstorm and then it lost network access for some reason. I got it repositioned and back on the network today. I like the big view also, I’m thinking of getting a higher resolution camera for that location.

  17. chris shell beach, ca says:

    the Superior webcam view is beautiful!!! thank you webcam admin! – still Eric? –