Camera network updates

The camera survived the endless rain of early September but has suffered some network issues in October. The cam is running on a new wireless bridge to the main wifi network. I’m still trying to diagnose why the picture seems to stop for periods every so often. Hopefully we can get it cleared up soon, but it’s working most of the time for now.

My youngest son and I got a self portrait and some shots of the new home while working on the cam one day.










4 comments on “Camera network updates
  1. chris matheson says:

    Hi Thanks for all the new pictures – neat to see what it looks like outside the “barn picture”. Is that you and your son by the fence in the second picture?
    I counted 10 vehicles around the barns just now – what on earth is going on inside the barns for that many workers? Thanks for your diligence in keeping the cam going – I check it several times a day to see what it’s like in Boulder where my son works – helps me feel like I’m a little connected to his world.

    bless u chris – mom in Pismo Beach, California

  2. Hello,
    I love this webcam. Whenever I get homesick, I click on this website. I used to live in Boulder and I have a link to this webcam in my tool bar, and check the mood of the mountains frequently.
    I was wondering what happened to the view of the star at Christmas? The star used to be lit on my birthday, December 1, I used to be able to see it on this webcam, now it seems the star is gone. Is it no longer shining on the mountain or is the camera moved?


  3. bfcadmin says:

    The star is still lit up most of November and December. Either the camera has crept the left a bit or the trees have grown and blocked the view. The star is located on Flagstaff Mountain at the very right edge of the picture. I’ll look for it tonight.

  4. Margaret Eccles says:

    Thanks so much for this webcam; I keep it up on my browser as a way of keeping in touch. I lived in Boulder for nearly 14 years, and my daughters have moved back.
    For what it’s worth, the down time for the camera that shows the barns always seems to be just about sunrise. I get the view before the sun is actually up and then not until a little after. I hope this is useful information.