Looking for a Nederland location

The Ned Cam was a great resource to get a current view of Nederland.  It seems that cam has been shut down and there’s new ownership of the NedNet ISP, so it seems unlikely to come back.  If anyone knows the owner of the nedcam, please drop me a line.

I’d like to put up a cam in Nederland with a nice view of Eldora and the Indian Peaks.  Does anyone know of a good location or host?  The site needs to have power and internet service and be willing to provide occasional access to the camera.

It would be a great opportunity for a business to sponsor the cam.

Please pass along any leads to info at boulderflatironcam.com  or reply to this post.


One comment on “Looking for a Nederland location
  1. chris shell beach, ca says:

    Didn’t know about Nederland – looked it up on Google Maps – what a beautiful place for a Webcam! – hoping someone volunteers a site. Thanks for all you do to provide views of interesting places we may never get to visit.