Tough week for the cams

All three of the cams have been down over the past two days, this is pretty unusual.  The Superior cam had a hardware failure and needs to be sent in for work.  The Louisville cam lost network access and had to be restarted.  And tonight the intense storm that rolled through Boulder knocked the downtown Boulder cam offline.  I think there was a power outage downtown so hopefully the cam will come back up with the Galvanize network and power.  I’ll be out of town a few days so I hope that’s the case!

One comment on “Tough week for the cams
  1. chris, shell beach, ca says:

    thanks for the update – and thanks for keeping the webcams going! hope the storm didn’t
    do alot of damamge – our news in Calif said you might have tornados. : l

    have a safe trip.

    chris in Calif