Boulder cam fix in progress

You may have noticed the Boulder cam has not been updating for a couple weeks.  The main problem has been a result of depending on network access from a construction cam co-located on the roof.  That cam was shut down with completion of the building across the street and unexpectedly the network switch also stopped working.   I have several alternatives set up and have to get on the roof sometime this week or next.  I expect we should have a good long-term solution up and running again by early December.

3 comments on “Boulder cam fix in progress
  1. chris - shell beach, ca says:

    Eric thanks for always taking care of the Webcams – in your “spare time”. : ) Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. chris - shell beach, ca says:

    also – We came to Colorado last month to visit our son – I made him drive around where we thought the Louisville Webcam was – couldn’t see the barns without walking on people’s property – but I think we were close. Fun to actually be where I look at every day – pretty area! Beautiful to see the snow this week – I put a picture of the snow-covered barns on my FB page. : ) my California FB friends don’t get to see snow much.

  3. Annie says:

    I always was curious where that cam was located. I check it often as well