Flagstaff Virtual Cycling

You can see Flagstaff mountain from all three of the BFC cams.  It’s one of my favorite rides with great views, a good workout and lots of fun descending.  Last fall I recorded the ride for Fulgaz, a unique virtual cycling training app.  I love riding all over the world with Fulgaz virtual rides and really wanted to try some local rides.  Fulgaz is a long way from my younger days watching recordings of the Tour de France while riding a wind resistance trainer, now you can ride the climbs in the tour.

The Super Flag ride is up now on Fulgaz, you can see a preview here.  There’s a two week free trial, so if you’re used to riding Flagstaff give it a try and compare it to real life.  Fulgaz has lots of info for how you get started, it’s a great app.  There are more Boulder county and Colorado rides in the pipeline.

Update: Mike at Fulgaz added a couple other rides in Colorado. Sunshine canyon in Boulder and Spring Creek pass in southwest Colorado.