Oct-Dec Images Updated and cron update

I finished updating the images for Oct 19th to Dec 29th last night.  What a pain!  Some days are missing due to problems with the old image capture code.   Hopefully, this will be the last time as we’ve also finished some changes to improve the code.  The site will now capture images every five minutes throughout the day and at the end of the day automatically get the daily video about 35 minutes after sunset.   Once everything is smoothed out with this project next up is an update the site design and adding back the large images.  The last designers made everything fit a smaller screen but that doesn’t really give the full effect.   You can see the full size image here.

cold December

One comment on “Oct-Dec Images Updated and cron update
  1. Kevin Menzie says:

    Hey there, Eric.

    I run Slice of Lime, a Boulder-based web strategy, design, and development firm. We host Boulder Creative Commons and our next theme is “time-lapse” no the 21st. We’re having Bruce Wyman from Denver Art Museum come in to talk for 15 minutes about the use of time-lapse in their latest Embrace exhibit.

    I’m looking for 1 or 2 more 15 minute speakers to talk about how they use time-lapse. I’m wondering if you might be interested.

    We’ll also be doing a live time-lapse project at the event, playing with a magnetic chalkboard.


    Kevin Menzie