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Camera network updates

The camera survived the endless rain of early September but has suffered some network issues in October. The cam is running on a new wireless bridge to the main wifi network. I’m still trying to diagnose why the picture seems

What’s the deal with the barns?

A lot of people have written asking about the barns that have appeared in the webcam view.  The barns are part of a new home being built to the southwest of the webcam view.  The property has been under development

New Superior Cam

I’ve recently found a home for a couple of webcams I found on eBay.  The best is this view from Superior to the northwest.   The cam may not be in a permanent home but for now it provides a nice

Electrical problems

For the past week or so the circuit to the webcam has been shorted out. It may have been from the heavy rains a couple weeks ago. The homeowner is back in town on Monday and we hope to get

Construction Update

A new home is being built to the left of the webcam image field of view.  The blue shipping container and other debris seen in the image are there to support the construction project.  The home is coming along slowly

Moon Set January 2012

Some cool images of the setting moon over Boulder from last week.  Check out the archives. Jan 10th still image Jan 10th time lapse of the moon set Timelapse of the moon set on Jan 12th

Time lapse back in operation

The daily time lapse movie is operational once again.   From May 26th to Dec 25th it was not working correctly.  Since the images are available for those dates at some point I hope to generate movies for all those

Camera Issue

The camera is down for maintenance after it stopped responding a few days ago. Hopefully, the fix will be quick! Update:  The camera seems to be working on another network.  I’ll get it back in place tomorrow and troubleshoot the

Fourmile fire

Scott is going to make a change tomorrow to point the webcam to the north so can get live views of the fourmile fire west of Boulder.   Let’s hope the wind calms down tonight and the fire fighters can get

Boulder Flatiron Cam a Mac favorite

So far this month the small preview image of the BFC has 37 Million requests.  I had no idea it was getting so many visits.  What is this Mozilla Agent on the Mac?  Dashboard widget?